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Green Leaves

hi friend! 

I’m Maddie, certified personal trainer + online fitness and nutrition certified! I am passionate about partnering with women looking to level up their lives in all areas. You are unique and deserve to experience all of the freedom that is on the other side of finding your balance + reach your goals for life. 


You can achieve your dream body while enjoying your life! Your fitness journey should be a positive enhancement to your life and I am so ready to help you find that sweet spot.


 I believe that through self-discovery, discipline, and accountability, you can reach ALL of your goals. I want to help you step forward into growth and leave behind the days of questioning your plan, your worth, and your potential to improve. Join me in this new season of growth!  


Coming from my own struggles in the health and fitness realm, I have realized that there is so much noise out there to sort through. I want to help you realize that your goals are attainable and you are worthy of all that you can be. We will work together to level up in all areas through customized nutrition, training, and mindset work. 

xx madz

My Values 


Fitness is a lifestyle that is meant to be sustainable for one's entire life. It is possible to reach your goals while still having fun and achieving balance. You can have a plan but still have a life.


Grace is at the core of the Maddie Martindale Fitness philosophy. Have grace with yourself and others, this is a no-judgment zone.


Each and every person is on their own journey. Fitness is not one size fits all, or one story fits all. Fitness coaching is customized to meet you exactly where you are at and celebrate your individuality.

self love

Wanting to improve oneself aesthetically and physically is not wrong but we urge you to do so from a place of love, not loathing. One can grow and evolve into your next level while still loving themselves.

Green Leaves

My Offers

1-1 Online Coaching

Online coaching is available worldwide! Choose your length of commitment and get ready to see real results.  Our strategic methods are designed to teach balance and bring about lasting and sustainable change. 

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